Copywriting for Business Owners + Entrepreneurs

Creating Stories to Inspire Action in Your Audience

Story is a powerful tool – in fact, it’s 20 times more engaging than facts alone.

A good story pulls us in, captivates and affects us deeply. It has the power to entertain us, tug at our hearts and tap into our emotions – it even has the power to change the way we think. Story inspires action in readers, actions which drive our decision-making, whether that’s changing the way we live or buying a new product or service.

At Grub Street Writing, we leverage the everlasting power of story to engage your audience, leading them down the path from their problem and toward the solution that only you can provide.

We offer:

    Pictures pull the eyes, but good writing holds attention and guides site visitors, eventually converting them into buyers. Website content is the online storefront to your business, and so, it’s here we explain who you are, why you’re the right choice, and how you’ll help solve your customer’s problems with your products and/or services.
    A good product isn’t enough – customers and clients need to understand the value of your product or service and how it will help make their lives better. Frequent, quality content ranks better online, generates more traffic to your site, and demonstrates the value of your product and service. That’s the not-so-secret recipe to online success.
    Email campaigns are incredibly powerful tools for talking directly to customers that are already primed to purchase, but if the recipients aren’t reading, they’re not buying. Invest in engaging copy that is created to convert, and increase your return on investment.
    Beautiful video can only do so much, but if your copy fails to capture interest, all that money and time you’ve invested falls apart. Base your film, or other creative advertisements, on copy that converts.
    The copy on your website is most people’s first contact point with your business and your brand – don’t let your internet presence fail because of unengaging content. We help businesses optimize their copy to encourage conversion.