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The Power of Words in Creating Company Culture

By Jonas Gagnon March 9, 2021

In his commencement speech to Kenyon grads in 2005, David Foster Wallace told a parable of two fish. One day, as the pair are swimming along, they meet an older fish. The old fish says, “Beautiful day, the water’s fine.”, then continues on his way. After a moment, one of the younger fish turns to…

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How to Get The Most from your Copywriter

By Jonas Gagnon November 2, 2020

Hiring a good copywriter is just the first step to getting good copy. No matter how good your copywriter is (even if it’s us – and we’re pretty good) they can’t help you if you’re not ready for them. But, by preparing ahead of time, you can make the most of any copywriter. What hampers…

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What is Copywriting?

By Jonas Gagnon April 17, 2020

Copywriting, simply put, is selling through the written word. That seems pretty simple from the outset, but let’s take a moment to really break it down.

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