Copy audit

Unlock MRR Potential

Convert more leads - Reactivate users - Reduce churn

The screen flashes at you and you sigh...the numbers aren't adding up.

You ask your team if they have any ideas how to improve your email performance... but they come up blank.

No one wants to touch those emails - least of all YOU.

The truth is, your emails have all the potential in the world to make you more money

The problem is, that potential is locked.

You need a locksmith for your emails - someone who can pinpoint the source of the problem -  so you know what you need to do next.

How it works

Fill out an audit intake form

Add 3 emails and performance metrics

Book an after-audit call

What you get

Analysis of 3 emails

Loom video of findings

30-minute call for recommendations

Choose 3 emails from 1 of your sequences

Onboarding: In Free/Paid Trial

Struggling to lock leads into that loyalty loop? Let's see why they're ducking out.

Reactivation: Churned

ACL is dropping... where did it all go so wrong? Let's pinpoint why buyers got cold feet.

Reactivation: Non-Converting

Leads & PQLs went silent - Let's look at why your velocity metrics might be off.

Meet Your Email Strategist & Copywriter

Jordana Gagnon

Blurby blurby blurbs

Jordana jacked up on helping you sell better.

"Jordana helped us realize why our trial users weren't converting. Her recommendations have made us 23% more in revenue this month." - Jake from Crunchy Numbers

"We couldn't figure out why our churned users weren't coming back. Jordana cracked the code and showed us exactly where we needed to put our efforts to increase MRR." - Grumpy SaaS-perts

"Jordana's MoFu insights helped us figure out why prospects weren't converting. Highly recommend." - The SaaS Bros