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If the thought of a client writing their own site gives you a small heart attack, then we’re holding the defibrillator.

You know the drill. They say they’ll get it to. Then a week goes by. Two weeks. Nothing. Your project isn’t getting done on time because they wanted to save a bit of money by writing their own copy. For your timeline’s sake, that sucks for you. For the effectiveness of the writing on their site and lack of copywriting training – that sucks for their SEO.

Make copy easy

Because if they don’t write their own copy…

Someone (God forbid it’s you) is going to have to stare at a blank screen with a blinking cursor. It will take hours of frustration just to get that first draft out, after which it will need so much more work – checking grammar, spelling, flow, voice, the list. goes. on.

You know you want to

Get control of your timeline, and the quality of your work, with professional copywriting from copywriters who care about your timeline, about the quality of writing they offer, and about kittens and puppies and all that great stuff.

The problem with letting your client write their own content

You could take the cheaper way, and just push it off to the client. They know their business better than anyone, right? So, who could write it better? A *cough *cough *copywriter!

If you leave the writing up to your client it will be:

  • Jargon-heavy which can be confusing
  • Focus on the wrong things, and very possibly be the most boring thing you’ve ever read
  • WILL hit your inbox late (if at all)

Allowing clients to write their own copy gives them control of the project. As long as they put their work higher on their priority list than writing, the project will suffer and deadlines will balloon as you write passive-aggressive emails to clients who have the best intentions.

Then, the finished product is almost indecipherable, either because no attention was paid to it, or the client used so much industry jargon that it makes you squint two sentences in.

All this to say, your project is delayed, payment delayed, and you have an end product that could have been better.

Get clean, professional copy now

Perhaps it’s better to just do the writing yourself and keep control over the project. Sounds like a better idea…wait, can you also hear Jaws’ theme-music playing?

The problem with you writing your client’s copy

Writing the copy yourself means that you’re the one sitting there, staring at that blinking cursor for hours while everything else gets put on the back burner – such as the things you’re better at in your job. 


That’s what you really need right now.

Another hat to wear, another job to pull you away from what you’re best at.

If you write the copy it will be:

  • Annoying
  • Frustrating
  • A time-sink, pulling your focus away from the things you’re great at
  • Exhausting
  • Full of second-guessing, because you might be unsure if you’re actually following the best practices in the world of copywriting (trust us, it’s an ever-changing, swirling vortex of coffee-dregs and wide, bluelight-burned retinas)

Or, you could get someone else to do it.

Seems like the best idea yet (but we may be biased).

Let us burn our retinas for you

Copy you can trust

If you skipped over that copy because it hits too close to home, you’re not alone. Writing is hard – it just so happens that it’s the type of challenge that we love.

No kidding.

We’re not sure why we like it so much, either.

With content by Grub Street Writing, you get compelling copy on deadline – every single time.

Which means:

  • Your deadlines are met
  • Your copy is error-free, easy to read, and conversion-oriented
  • You and the client are happy and everyone gets paid on time and what they’re worth! Yay!

You could try to save money by spending more time doing it yourself, or letting clients create chaos in your schedule. You could pay someone who writes off the side of their desk that you can’t get a hold of, and writes okay copy (for the most part).

Or, you could contact us today to make your life easier and create better digital advertising.

Make your life easier with better, faster content

Our services:

    Pictures pull the eyes, but good writing holds attention and guides site visitors, eventually converting them into buyers. Website content is the online storefront to your business. It’s here we explain who you are, why you’re the right choice, and how you’ll help solve your customer’s problems with your products and/or services.
    A good product isn’t enough – customers and clients need to understand the value of your product or service and how it will help make their lives better. Frequent, quality content such as blogs and product reviews rank better online, generate more traffic to your site, and demonstrate the value of your product and service. That’s the not-so-secret recipe to online success.
    Email campaigns are incredibly powerful tools for talking directly to customers that are already primed to purchase. But if the recipients aren’t reading, they’re not buying. Invest in engaging copy that is created to convert, and increase your return on investment.
    Beautiful video can only do so much. If your copy fails to capture interest, all that money and time you’ve invested falls apart. Base your film, or other creative advertisements, on copy that converts.
    The copy on your website is most people’s first contact point with your business and your brand – don’t let your internet presence fail because of unengaging content. We help businesses optimize their copy to encourage conversion.