Copywriting for marketing directors & product marketing managers

You want to go beyond the product, beyond the nuts and bolts of features and price.

You’ve got a vision to create a narrative that will engage with your audience and build a relationship.

But you don’t have a copywriting specialist on your team to help bring your vision to life.

An on-demand copywriting team who will take your vision and run with it

As a pair of specialized copywriters, we take the stress off your team by fully owning every step of the copywriting process.

From pitching copy solutions to delivering agency-level work, we help you pull that big, beautiful idea out of your head and into the world.

We cover brand voice, sales-focused copy, and strategy consulting.

To make sure your copy both captures your brand and converts, we combine multiple systems, including:

  • Story-driven brand building
  • Conversion copywriting best practices
  • Brand voice replication (tone, vocabulary, cadence)

"Jonas & Jordana skillfully balanced branded language with clarity, preserving our identity while significantly boosting MQL conversions. Thanks to our collective CRO efforts, we achieved an impressive 170% increase in the conversion rate from visitors to MQLs." Lisa Dziuba, PMM

Your strategic copywriting partner

You need more than a come-and-go freelancer. But, you also need better than ego and agency prices.

From the moment we join your team, we prioritize creating a healthy working relationship, delivering great copy, and doing everything we can to support your goals.

As two humble ghost copywriters with years of experience and knowledge – who are as excited as you are about your big dreams! – your vision is fully supported to become the best and most beautiful it can be.